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Why Porcelain Pavers should be your product of choice.

The Cost of Natural Stones are Skyrocketing, Natural Stone resources are getting scarce, governments are closing quarries in order to clean the earth's environment.

Concrete Brick pavers require Yearly Maintenance Tallying between $1 to $2 per square foot per year Costing the end consumer thousands of dollars.

Porcelain Pavers are a 1 time Investment. Porcelain Production Doesn't run the risk of government intervention or scarcity of natural Resources, and it costs zero to maintain.

Which product do you think is the best option for your project?

Here are some benefits of Porcelain Pavers to take into consideration:

- Porcelain Pavers can be sand set or mortar set like any other Paving product in the market
- Porcelain Pavers do not require Sealer application like other Paving Products do.
- Porcelain Pavers are Freeze Thaw resistant due to it's 0.5% water absorption rate.
- Porcelain Pavers do not stain and are resistant to mold and mildew.
- Porcelain Pavers will not have color fading due to weather and rain.
- Porcelain Pavers are 10 degrees cooler than concrete.
- Porcelain Pavers are anti slip.
- Porcelain Pavers are lighter than other paving options saving you money on transportation.
- Porcelain Pavers come in many natural stone designs without the high cost of natural stones.
- Porcelain Pavers have a high load-bearing capacity and a strong resistance to breakage.

When you take all of the Benefits into consideration, Porcelain Pavers wins, make sure you make the right product choice for your project.

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The Largest Variety

The largest Variety of Rectified Color Body Porcelain Paver in the Industry.

European & American Made

European & American Made Porcelain Pavers.

2 & 3cm Porcelain

The only company with stock of 2cm and 3cm Driveway Porcelain Pavers in the Country.

Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide Delivery for most of our Porcelain Pavers.

10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty on all Porcelain Pavers.


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  • John was very polite and helpful. We could not ask for anything more. They are extremely knowledgeable of their products and installation. John even talked to our installation contractor. He walked him through every step of the install. Hardscape beat our local supply house pricing and shipping is fast. We will be using them for our future projects and highly recommend them to our friends.

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  • Great sales team and customer service. Very knowledgable and experienced staff. Excellent quality products at affordable pricing.

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  • I highly recommend working with Fernanda. We have just purchased our new porcelain stone and she has been extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She has taken us to see multiple homes to see finished jobs, and is always available for questions and opinions. I would definitely work with her again!

    Perri Lustberg Google Review

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